To optimize the current distribution -closer to a top hat- on a solid or gas target, Acctec  B.V. produces a beam wobbler system.
The wobbler system also minimizes damage due to “hot spots” in the beam.
This system consists of 3 major parts :


  • Signal generator

    - The signal generator generates either a circular or a nearly-squared noise pattern on the target.
    - An interlock is used to switch the system on and off.- The amplified output current through the deflection coils is measured, buffered and can be monitored on the front panel.
    - An interlock output can be used to switch off the beam when the beam deflection is too low.
    - Optionally, a small oscilloscope can be provided on the front panel to monitor the beam deflection. 

  • Amplifier

    - This is a high power voltage amplifier with Speakon™ outputs for easy connection.
    - A cable set of customized length is included in the package.


  • Steering magnet

    - Compact steel core x-y steering magnet with homogenous field distribution.
    - Length along the beam pipe only 23cm (9").
    - Can be mounted without breaking the beamline vacuum.
    - No need for a dielectic insert in the beamline.





Beam power density profile by circular wobbling small Gaussian beam (courtesy of G.Lange, GE Healthcare)

This profile was obtained using a 30 MeV proton beam with the wobbler coils located at 5m from the gas-target.
(click on the pictures to enlarge them)





X-Y plot of activation of a Ta-foil irradiated by a static beam X-Y plot of a wobbled beam



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