3GHz synchronizer


The Synchronizer is designed to synchronize a 3-GHz RF oscillator to a mode-locked 75-MHz Ti:Sapphire laser system with less than 20 fs electronic phase jitter.


The principle of the synchronization has been published in ref. [1] and [2].


Click here to download the manual of the PLL-synchonizer (rev 1.0.6)


In order to adjust the phase-offset remotely, a remote control unit is available. This remote control is operated from PC or laptop via USB; it is fully isolated galvanically from USB, in order to get the noise levels as low as possible.


Click here to download the manual of the Remote Control.


An open source terminal emulator to test the remote control is available at


[1] F. Kiewiet, Generation of ultra-short, high-brightness relativistic electron bunches, Chapter 8, Universiteitsdrukkerij Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Eindhoven, 2003.

[2] F. Kiewiet, A. Kemper, O. Luiten, G. Brussaard, and M. van der Wiel, Femtosecond synchronization of a 3 GHz RF oscillator to a mode-locked Ti:Sapphire laser, NIMA 484, pp. 619-624, 2002.

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