Acctec B.V. supplies a commercial version of the main components of the setup, as developed by the group Coherence and Quantum Technology of  Eindhoven University of Technology. With a complete package of these components , a 100 keV single-shot electron diffraction beamline can readily be constructed. Given the availability of a fs-laser to drive the photocathode, such a beamline delivers electron bunches of typically 106 electrons, with a time-focus of ~100 fs duration and at an adjustable position to accommodate the use of existing sample chambers.


The set-up is capable of recording diffraction patterns in a single ~100 fs shot.


AccTec B.V. also provides a unit for synchronizing the RF power with the laser driving the photocathode (and pumping the sample in pump-probe experiments).


For more details the document 'A Poor Man's X-FEL' can be downloaded




A schematic overview of the pump-probe set-up (click to enlarge).

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