frontplaat dual bipolar currentsupplyBi-polar power supply [Preliminary]

for convenient operation of x/y-deflector



  • 2 x +/- 1A, switchable to 2 x +/- 2A
  • Stability 1 x 10-5
  • Local control by potentiometer plus remote control via USB
  • Bright 3.5 digit LED-displays (for use in darkened laser lab)

CyclotronIBA30 cyclotron Acctec Eindhoven

The IBA Cyclone 30 cyclotron is used for the production of radionuclides applying 16-30 MeV proton beams with currents up to 300 uA. An upgrade for a 2 x 300 uA dualbeam is operational since 2012. Of the four radiation bunkers, one is regularly available for the installation of special targets. A B-laboratory is avaliable for the processing of light-radioactive substances. 

The radio-isotopes, 123I, 81Kr and 18F are being produced commercially for the company GE-Healthcare, to serve European hospitals for radiodiagnostics.




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Single gold layer on c-Si

RBS spectrum of a single Au layer on c-Si. The surface energies of Au and Si are indicated. The Au layer contains 289x1015 atoms per cm2, about 49 nm.


Silicon nitride layer with hydrogen

RBS spectrum of 156 nm Si3N4 measured under channeling conditions. The results of this measurement: N=812x1015 at/cm2 and Si = 594x1015 at/cm2 , N/Si=1.37. Since the thickness has been measured by other means, the density can now be calculated: 2.98 g/cm3.


ERD spectrum of the 156 nm SiNx sample described above. From this spectrum the hydrogen content of the film is determined: 48x1015 at/cm2, which is 3.3 at%. The overall composition of the film is: Si3N4.1H0.24.


Crystal damage and implantation profile

RBS measurement of a crystalline Si wafer in which 12.6x1015 H2 per cm2 is implanted with an energy of 40 keV. The random (i.e. not channeled) spectrum shows a normal spectrum for bulk silicon. The spectrum measured under channeling geometry reveals the crystal damage due to the implantation.


ERD spectrum of the same sample showing the hydrogen concentration profile. The implantation profile peaks at 220 nm depth.


Deuterium profile

Deuterium can also be profiled with He-ERD. This figure shows the spectrum and simulation of a double layer structure of 110 nm Si3N4H0.03D0.22 on 70 nm Si3N4H0.26. The peak near channel 370 points to the presence 3 x 1015 at/cm2 in the surface region of the sample.


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